We’ve always worked hard to be a green company!

From the beginning we have always tried to be good to our planet by doing things like sourcing materials as close to home as possible, producing many of our products in our own warehouse, and having our pagacking produced with bio-degradable inks on paper with recycled content.

So, as Lizard Skins has grown we have worked to do even more to go green. We have replaced our 48 warehouse light fixtures from the traditional metal-halide lights to new high-efficiency florescent reducing our total electricity usage by 30%.

We implemented recycling programs diverting up to 66% of our solid waste, the program donates all cardboard recycling to a local specials needs program sponsored by the state.

We have redesigned our packaging to show the recycling emblem on all paper and plastic packaging. We use FSC paper for all the packaging we print in the USA since it is better for the environment. We also switched all our plastic packaging to #1 PET which can be recycled in more places worldwide than any other plastic.

We know there is always more that can be done which is why we have put together our future goals for going green.

  • Upgrade key manufacturing equipment to the most energy efficient products available on the market today.
  • We installed 39 solar panels reducing our energy consumption by 1/3.
  • Build or buy a “green” building.

Every day we continue to grow and we are making sure we are helping the environment while we do so.

Follow the link to view the amount of energy we have produced with our solar panels at Lizard Skins HQ.

Lizard Skins Solar Production Gauge

Hunter Pence on Lizard Skins Durasoft Polymer Bat Grip

Hunter Pence explains why he chooses Lizard Skins DSP Bat Grip

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Hunter Pence on Lizard Skins Durasoft Polymer Bat Grip

Great visit with David Ortiz

Presenting him with his very own custom grip celebrating his great career!

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Great visit with David Ortiz



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DUNEDIN, Fla. – The Tour de France is a long way from the Toronto Blue Jays’ spring training clubhouse. But a Utah-based company has managed to find a home in both places for its products.

Lizard Skins started selling cycling accessories such as handlebar grip tape back in 1993 and now distributes to 84 countries. Seven years ago it developed a special tape for road bikes and took the technology to baseball in 2012 by offering its DSP (DuraSoft Polymer) bat wrap.

The company says its bat grip tape combines softness and tackiness while reducing vibration. And with 18 colours, including nine versions of camo, there is an element of style.

Click here to read the full article.

Welcome to the team @tywhite09 #LizardSkins #LizardSkinsBaseball #MLB #Komodo #Pro #BattingGloves #DSP #BatGrip #Phantom #Camo #BeAuthentic
Welcome to the team @tywhite09 #LizardSkins #LizardSkinsBaseball #MLB #Komodo #Pro #BattingGloves #DSP #BatGrip #Phantom #Camo #BeAuthentic

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